Frequently Asked Questions

About Effectv's Client Account Portal

What is the Effectv's Client Account Portal?

The Effectv Client Account Portal (Portal) is a website designed to speed the delivery of invoices

to Effectv's customers as well as cut down on the paper used by printing invoices. From this site you may

view your invoices or save them to your computer.  You now can make credit card payments on the portal as well. Refer to the

Invoice Payment Features FAQ Below.

How do I know when I have a new invoice available?

You will be notified via e-mail when you have a new invoice in the Portal. This e-mail will contain a

link back to Portal for easy retrieval.

How can I view my invoice?

Once you are logged into the Portal you can click on the Invoices icon which will bring you to a list

of your invoices. Simply click on the PDF icon at the end of the invoice line to view an invoice.

What does "Pending PDF" mean?

The Client Account Portal is still waiting for your invoice to be uploaded.  Please check back later.

Can I save my invoice to my own computer?

Yes! When you click on an invoice it will open with Adobe Acrobat. Choose the save icon or File/Save

to save it to your local computer. You will need to download this free software at if you do not have it.

Can I save my invoice in a format that can be uploaded into my billing system?

This Portal is designed to deliver invoices in PDF and Excel formats only. However, if your billing

system is compatible you can sign up for STRATA's Electronic Invoicing service. Contact or call 866-531-1721. if you are interested in learning more.

Are all my invoices available to me at any time?

There are approximately two years of invoice history available on the Portal.

Will my invoice look the same as it has in the past?

Yes! Your invoices will look identical whether you receive them by mail or through the Portal.

Who else can see my invoice?

Only the Effectv Billing Support team and anyone else signed up from your location can see your invoices.

Will my invoices still come to me in the mail?

By default you will only receive delivery of your invoices via the Portal. However, contact your Effectv

account representative if you have any special handling needs.

Sounds great! So how do I sign up?

Go to select the 'Request Access' link.

  • Provide the information requested to verify your account
  • You will receive an approval email along with an attached user guide from Effectv within 1 business day.* You can immediately log on to the site and make payments to an existing invoice or a future schedule
  • You will receive invoices via the Portal with the next billing cycle

Payments on Effectv's Client Account Portal

Who can make payments?

Anyone with an active Portal account can make payments. If you do not have an active account, you can sign up for one at

How do I make a payment?

Once you have a Effectv's Client Account Portal account, log on to your account.

  • Click the new “Pay My Bill” icon* Select “Pay Existing” if you’d like to pay an existing invoice, or “Pre-Pay” if you would like to pay for future schedules, or "Recurring Payment" if you would like to schedule a payment for the same day each month.

What do I need to make a payment?

You will need a major credit/debit card or routing and account number for your bank account and the invoice number from the bill you wish to make payment against.

Additionally, agencies will need to input the customer number for each payment which also is located on the bill.

What types of payments are accepted?

Currently, we accept eCheck, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit and debit cards.

What does the payment status "Review" mean?

You should treat "Review" as a decline and contact your bank for more information.  Your payment did not complete.

Will I get a separate receipt for each customer for whom I make a payment (Agencies Only)?

If you make a payment for multiple customers in a single payment transaction you will receive a single receipt. If you would like multiple receipts,

you’ll need to pay for each customer separately.

How is my credit card information protected?

We utilize a third party vendor that specializes in credit card and eCheck payment transactions and uses industry best practices.

If I make a payment, when will my balance be updated?

Your new balance will show immediately.

What does "Pending" mean in Pay My Bill?

You will see "pending" next to the invoice number of a payment you've already made, but that has not been processed yet.

When will payments post to my account?

Payments are made on Day 1, they are processed next day (Day 2) and will show completed (without "Pending" verbiage) on your account Day 3.

How do I set up a recurring payment?

Please contact us at 866-531-1721 or

Are future enhancements planned to the OBP functionality within the Portal?

Yes! For speed to market we’ve included only the most basic features. However, we are working diligently to continue to enhance your customer experience.